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Archives for October 2013

The Advantages of Isometric Exercises

Isometric contractions help improve body awareness, posture, movement and strength through deeply held contractions. The deep contractions performed in this exercise format works to not only to define, strengthen and sculpt the muscle but it also increases bone density, muscle strength and recruits more muscle fibers for each movement. Isometrics can be done quickly and almost anywhere as it only requires using one’s own body weight for resistance, so it is load bearing, This training works the major muscle groups with more intensity in a shorter period of time thereby giving faster results than conventional training systems.

This is also an ideal program for people with little to no exercise experience and can be used early on in a rehabilitation program and for seasoned exercisers it can dramatically increase lifts by 14 to 40 percent.

When properly implemented it is essential that you follow with a stretch for each specific exercise before moving onto the next muscle group to be worked.

My upcoming blog will delve into the importance of stretching and what kind of stretches to employ as there are four categories,which includes ballistic,passive and active stretch techniques.