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Maintain Your Youth

The single most important way to maintain and get a vital youthful body is to stretch daily and do it 2-3 times a day.

Professional athletes and dancers incorporate stretching as an essential part of their conditioning, it contributes to their performance and excellent physique. Lack of proper stretching will, over time, cause poor posture and tight hamstrings which are located in the back of the thighs. This will invariably lead to back problems, loss of height, poor posture and can cause impingement on the discs of the vertebrae and related neural pathways.Improper alignment can and will cause a whole host of problems including: poor sleep patterns, digestive of issues, neck and back pain and depleted energy.

The solution is a simple one. By employing gentle rhythmic, static, dynamic and active stretching techniques can transform your body in my carefully guided thirty minute class.
Sessions are custom tailored to each clients needs as these are one-on-one sessions.

Priced affordably at $20 for a single session and $190.00 for a ten pack. When you think about it, what is it worth to have a strong back and supple body vs the cost of being laid up with a bad back ?

The Advantages of Isometric Exercises

Isometric contractions help improve body awareness, posture, movement and strength through deeply held contractions. The deep contractions performed in this exercise format works to not only to define, strengthen and sculpt the muscle but it also increases bone density, muscle strength and recruits more muscle fibers for each movement. Isometrics can be done quickly and almost anywhere as it only requires using one’s own body weight for resistance, so it is load bearing, This training works the major muscle groups with more intensity in a shorter period of time thereby giving faster results than conventional training systems.

This is also an ideal program for people with little to no exercise experience and can be used early on in a rehabilitation program and for seasoned exercisers it can dramatically increase lifts by 14 to 40 percent.

When properly implemented it is essential that you follow with a stretch for each specific exercise before moving onto the next muscle group to be worked.

My upcoming blog will delve into the importance of stretching and what kind of stretches to employ as there are four categories,which includes ballistic,passive and active stretch techniques.

How to Strengthen the Muscles and Ligaments Around the Knees

In Barre Fitness I employ a series of heel raises, whereby the student rises up on the balls of the feet and lowers the heels down to the floor. We typically do thirty repetitions making sure that the legs are hip width apart and toes facing forward, this helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support the knee, then contract the gluteus muscle very tightly and keep it tight ,like two angry fists, throughout the series. For added benefit exhale as you rise and inhale on the down movement and after the set we stretch the calf muscles and achilles tendon by lunging forward and pressing the heel to the floor and repeat on the other leg.

I’ve Got Your Back

The key ingredient to an effective workout is positioning, 90% of the regular gym attendees suffer from poor posture and incorrect form. This is seen often seen in bicep curls,especially men tend to arch the back and heave the dumbbells with too much force causing the back to arch and the abdominals to protrude. Not good, this leads to lumbar injury. Instead position the body with the pelvis tucked so as to straighten the vertebral column and then as you lift the weight always exhale and then inhale on the eccentric motion so you do the work and not gravity or your back for you.