Ann Korach is an extraordinary personal trainer. I am a dental surgeon and have many problems with my back and neck. She consistently amazes me with her knowledge of the anatomy of the body tendons, muscles and ligaments. What I really find great about her is her attentiveness to me while I am in sessions with her. She varies the workouts to address different muscle groups and she is very good about being on time for her sessions. Overall I feel much looser because I’m also a tango dancer and her training increases my range of motion and my core strengths which is essential for a dancer.
As a person I find Ann funny and highly intelligent. I believe she would be a good trainer for anyone who would wish to rehab from an injury as well as someone who would want to train for say the Olympics. That means anybody. That’s how good she really is. Thank you Ann.

Dr. Steven Pressling DDS. Chicago,IL
July 2015

Since working with Ann, I am noticing I feel slimmed and stronger. She embodies the physical beauty women want and is skilled with helping you get it. Her experience includes sculpting the body as you gain range of motion and flexibility. Ann is firm about raising the bar for you to stretch to your highest ability, and will support you in reaching that goal. Every week I look forward to my session and come out feeling lengthened and tall. Thanks Ann.

Cynthia C.

I was in Chicago on business and had just attended a 3-day seminar in Michigan. I live in Florida and was tired and stiff from the airplane and car travel. I needed a good workout and a stretch. I heard about Ann Korach and decided to try a class. I am a pretty fit male, and I found the class challenging, invigorating and refreshing. It lasted about 1 hour, and took away my travel stiffness and fatigue. I’ve never heard of Ann’s Bar technique, but the results were great. Ann is a good coach: cheerful and encouraging. It’s a great program for all levels.

William M.

I began working out with Ann about 18 months ago as she teaches in the manner of Lotte Burke who is well known for rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. I had participated in other, similar exercise programs but the one Ann provides has many more attributes, i.e. attention to posture. After working with Ann for a few months, I had a severe allergic reaction to an RX which resulted in extreme inflammation in muscles and joints as well as symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I recovered enough to exercise Ann built up my strength and mobility, both of which were important after months of bed rest. There are many reasons to work out with Ann. If you want to sculpt your body through exercise she can make that happen, and, in my case, where I needed strength and mobility rehabilitation, she can do that also. She has a great knowledge of physiology and is totally professional, as well as being great fun and a great cheerleader to get you where you want to go to improve your body. I cannot imagine what my life would be without her coaching and expertise. She will work you to your limit and you will see results.

Nancy Clark Hall Artist
August 1st 2014

“Ann is a fabulous personal trainer who is dedicated first and foremost to the needs of her clients. Her training and ability to tailor training regimes to meet the unique needs of each person she works with is especially noteworthy. I highly recommend her.”

-Steve Corey, Edgewater